May 5, 2014

Shoot Zombies


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SHOOT ZOMBIES IN VEGAS with Full Auto Machine Guns

For people who have a strong desire for shooting zombies with machine guns, The Gun Stores first-person shooter Zombies In Vegas is just what the doctor ordered. Something no other gun shop or shooting range can boast about, a first of its’ kind game that’s just downright fun to play. Set on The Las Vegas Strip as a shooting gallery, the game hands players an M4 automatic rifle and gives them the opportunity to test their double tap skills and freely shoot at zombie targets as they appear on the screen. Each round has a specific number of targets that the player needs to take down before the timer reaches 0. Keep in mind that the targets do not just go down after taking a bullet or two, but are in fact capable of absorbing a fair amount of damage before finally giving in. Taking aim quickly and firing with precision helps in reducing the frequency of reloads, which in turns saves up precious seconds. For those who think this is going to be a walk in the park, they are definitely in for a huge surprise. During the initial rounds, the degree of challenge, indicated by number of stars, is quite low. However, as the game progresses, it continues to become harder due to faster moving targets, thus putting the reflexes and survival skills of players to the test.

In order to keep the zombie targets from enjoying an unfair advantage in later rounds, players have been given a chance to fight back strongly through weapon upgrades. At the end of each round, players earn points, which can be spent in the “ARMORY” to purchase additional ammo, attach a scope, reduce recoil and increase bullet capacity. Eventually a wide selection of guns including handguns, shotguns and sniper rifles will also be made available.

The further players progress in the game, the more points they will be able to earn. Once they have amassed enough points, they will be able to redeem them for useful Las Vegas discounts and coupons online. Furthermore, they can redeem their points at the The Gun Store in Las Vegas, where they will be able to get their hands on real machine guns, shoot at actual targets and purchase The Gun Store and Zombies In Vegas merchandise.

Rather than drawing comparisons between Zombies In Vegas and other shooting games, it is important to realize that The Gun Store is not trying to compete for prominence within its genre, but is merely offering their worldwide fan base a chance to enjoy a fun and addictive shooting game, while at the same time giving them an opportunity to win real life rewards. The game is Free to download on all major app stores.